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Days will come - the album





​Pete Wingfield  -piano, Hammond organ, Wuritzer piano

Bill Smith - drums & percussion  

Stef Hambrook -  drums, percussion

Marie-Claire Berreen  - backing vocals and giggles

Charlie Butler - backing vocals

Wim Oudijk - orchestration, strings,pedal steel sounds and the Wimchoir 

Sylkay - backing vocals 

Remi Desroques - produced,engineered, arranged and orchestrated "Georgia Girl" in Japan

Dennis "Songsmith" Holseybrook - organ and keyboards

Tom First - trumpet 

Jehan Abdel-Malak - saxophones

Toby Riches - trombone

Paul Horton (Nikon)

Paul Butler  - lead and backing vocals, acoustic, electric, steel & bass guitars


​Produced by -Paul Butler

Engineered by - Stef Hambrook

Recorded at - Toybox Studios, Bristol

Mastered by - Shawn Joseph at Optimum 

Photographs - Paul Horton at Vanda 


“After 27 years away, Paul astounds as a solo artist. Gorgeous, varied, emotional song-writing, with catchy choruses, is showcased by a caramel voice, superb guitar, and gleaming production. Each musician, including the Useful Horns, adds a special element and the overall effect is captivating.”  Blues in Britain



“There is a great mix of genres on the album, ranging from folk, to jazz, to blues, and even country, but the music is of very high quality throughout… this guy is a really good singer/songwriter.”  Firebrand Magazine



“Although, one might say that there is an air of loss and melancholy within the fifteen original numbers but, there is also a flourishing thread of optimism coupled with a celebration of life past, present and of life yet to come… I found the music to be sincere, loving and thoroughly uplifting.”   Blues Matters



“When choosing a genre to describe "Days will come" it's unfortunate that "Music for people who just love music" isn't in the drop-down menu. Skillful, honesty and integrity, not only describes the incredible songwriting ability, but also every musical note of this emotional journey..”   The Scaussie Music Show

Days will come​

Paul Butler's first solo album, "Days will come" was released in February 2013. The album was two years in the making - the recording process completely overshadowed as his youngest son, Caspar-James, fought a losing battle with cancer. That fight ended in January, 2012. The album is a labour of love dedicated to Caspar-James. "Days will come" is about the love that lives and ulimately defeats the pain of death.




If I were to leave you

Winters in Australia

Cowboy dreams

Wrong side of desire

You're the one

End of the day


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