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Cities made of gold - the album

Taster Tracks

Sweet sea creature - taster

Produced by Paul Butler

Engineered by Stef Hambrook at Toybox Studios

Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering


Picture of the Hawa Mahal by Gail Catwell

Photo layout by Paul Horton at Vanda Photography

I remember Mabel -taster

Cities made of gold - taster


Pete Wingfield  - Keyboards 

Tammy Rogers – Fiddle

Stef Hambrook – Drums & Percussion

Bill Smith – Drums & Backing Vocals (“I remember Mabel”)

Wim Oudijk – Steel Pans, Accordion,  Strings (“Don’t need no telephone”)

Marie-Claire Berreen – Backing Vocals

Francesca Smith – Backing Vocals (“Don’t need no telephone” & “I remember Mabel”)

Tom First – Trumpet,  Jehan Abdel-Malak –Saxophones, Toby Riches - Trombone 

Paul Butler  - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Dobro, Mandolin, Harmonica


She runs with the foxes - taster

Just one bite - taster

10 tracks on the CD 

The Bonus Track "Sweet sea creature"

Only available on the CD


In another profession Paul Butler would be known as a sleeper. He was there. He disappeared and decades later he emerges from the shadows, still fully formed, totally professional and delivering the goods. 


The new CD 'Cities made of gold', released this month is a terrific example of how, even after decades of absence, a talent steeped in such a technicolour musical history can still produce a fascinating mix of blues tinged tracks that keep you absorbed from beginning to end.


This is a first rate album and you should get it on your listen list.... It is good to see Paul Butler back in business."


The Blues Man in the Hat - January 2015



" Blues boom veteran Paul Butler strengthens his comeback from a 27-year hiatus with another fine album of confident, mixed-bag rootsy fare. .. But there’s no chance of ‘difficult second album syndrome’ here as Butler probably has loads of inspiration stored in the bank.


 I should have expected the unexpected by now in a consistently interesting collection which cements Paul Butler’s welcome return to action."


John Bottomley – “Blues in the Northwest”  March, 2015  

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I can hear the dogs - taster

Dark side of town - taster

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